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Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a shopping portal offering rewards to people who click through the site and make a purchase online.

One unique aspect of Capital One Shopping is that it pushes out targeted offers via email to people who install its browser extension. I’ve taken advantage of these deals many times to score some pretty big savings on stuff I was buying anyway at national merchants.

This post is meant to be an ongoing list of those deals and will be updated as I learn about new deals.

How targeted offers from Capital One Shopping work

If you install the Capital One Shopping browser extension, you’ll can activate shopping offers directly from your web browser, without having to click through to the Capital One Shopping portal.

But that’s not the best part about the shopping browser extension. Because Capital One shopping can snoop on your browsing history, they use that to target offers to you.

I frequently find that when I browse a site featured on Capital One Shopping, I’ll get a targeted offer for additional cash back on that site within a few days.

I’ve found some great additional cash back offers from Walmart, hotel chains, and merchants I’ve purchased from for buying groups just by browsing a merchant site and then waiting.

Targeted deals from Capital One Shopping

Here are the deals that I’ve personally received or have seen reported about.

MerchantDealReceived Date
Best Western13% back7/14/23
IHG24% back3/23/23
IHG15% back8/22/23
IHG15% back8/29/23
Marriott Bonvoy7.5% back7/26/23