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Get 3x points (3% cash back) on everything in your first year with Discover it® Miles

If you missed out on the Chase Freedom Unlimited® welcome bonus, which doubled all of the cash back rewards earned in the first year, there’s another welcome offer that can get you 3x everywhere in your first year on a card with no annual fee. The Discover it® Miles card offers 1.5x miles on every purchase and Discover will double your rewards in the first year, making this effectively a 3x everywhere card in the first year. And since you can redeem your miles for cash, that makes the Discover it® Miles card effectively a 3% cash back everywhere card in the first year.

Discover it® Miles welcome bonus:

Get all of your miles matched in your first year of card membership. That means you’ll earn 3 miles per dollar on every purchase for your first year.

Click here to learn more and apply.

Our take on the welcome bonus: Getting 3x on every purchase for a year can be a great deal if you want a single card to use for all purchases.

The link above is a link directly to the bank’s website. We don’t make money when you use the above link, but we always show you the best offer.

Discover it® Miles card art

Discover it® Miles at a glance:
Annual fee: $0
Rewards: 1.5x miles on every purchase.

My take on the Discover it® Miles welcome bonus

Technically the Discover it® Miles card doesn’t have a traditional welcome bonus. You won’t get a bonus after spending a certain amount on the card within three months. What you will get is a bonus miles match at the end of your first year. This could be incredibly valuable if you plan to spend a lot on this card.

Here’s how this works: At the end of your first cardmember year, you’ll receive bonus miles equal to the amount of miles you earned during the year. And the bonus amount has no maximum. Since you can redeem your miles for cash back rewards, that makes this effectively a 3% cash back everywhere card for the first year you have it.

If you plan on spending a lot of money on “unbonused” purchases, this bonus match could be even more valuable than our best cash back welcome bonuses.

Personally, I like this since it offers a great deal for a specific type of customer.

Unfortunately, the card isn’t a great option after the first year. You’ll only get 1.5x miles on every dollar. Not bad, but when you consider the fact that the card offers no substantive consumer insurance benefits like extended warranty and no travel insurance benefits, you’re probably better off with a card like the Chase Freedom Unlimited® for everyday spending.

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