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How to find your Citi credit card benefits

If you’ve got a Citi credit card in your wallet and have a question about the benefits your card offers, you might try searching online before calling customer service. You might look at our card overviews, reviews posted by major blogs, or the landing pages for each card on Citi’s website.

But the landing pages that Citi publishes sometimes don’t mention significant, valuable benefits offered by some cards. This means that many almost all blogs and card reviews published by major sites will leave out these benefits. In fact, this article was inspired by Frequent Miler podcast that pointed out a commonly missed benefit of the Citi Rewards+® Card, Citi’s stellar 24 month extended warranty benefit.

Fortunately, finding your Citi credit card benefits is easy if you know how. Here’s how.

Citi card benefits: Direct link

The easiest way to find your Citi card benefits is to use the direct link to the Citi benefits page. If you are already signed in to, you’ll see the benefits for one of your cards. If you’re not logged in, you can log into the website using your username and password.

How to find the benefits page on the website

When you first log into the Citi website, you’ll likely see your account overview page. At the top of this page, from the menu bar, select “Rewards & Offers.” From that menu, click on “Card Benefits.”

This will take you to the card benefits landing page that shows you all of the benefits for one of your cards. If you have multiple cards, you will see a “View My Cards” link on the page. Click that to change to another card to view benefits.

Additional benefit information

From the Citi benefits page, you can find out more information about the terms and conditions of specific benefits. Scroll down on the page until you see the tiles outlining each of the card’s benefits and click on “View My Benefit” to get more information.