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Thank you and Merry Christmas!

I’m taking a few days off for the Christmas holiday, but I just wanted to hop online to write a quick note of gratitude to you, the readers of this site.

If you’re reading this, thank you. Seriously.

The last year of building Cards and Points had been an incredible journey. I launched Cards and Points in spring of 2023 to create a space where I could experiment and build—figure out a better way to inform friends, colleagues, and strangers about credit cards, miles, points, and travel rewards. Cards and Points was a hobby at first, then it became a side-hustle of sorts. It has now grown to the point where it is on the threshold of turning into a self-sustaining business. The number of people visiting this site started out as a trickle—a few people a day, mostly from my own social media posts. It grew to the point where I had to upgrade my server infrastructure and for the last few months, we’ve been getting 10% more readers every week.

And that is all thanks to you, the readers of this blog.

Whether this your first time here, or whether you’ve been around since launch, thank you. The feedback I’ve gotten from you has helped me get just a little bit better every day and the growth in the number of people reading this site has given me the encouragement to continue to invest time and effort into this endeavor.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and the people you care about. Be well and I’ll see you all in 2024!