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Amex Offers: A free perk of Amex cards that gives you extra points and rebates savings on things you buy anyway.

May 8, 2024: A bunch of new Amex offers popped up on my cards in the last few days. The recent offers section of this post has been updated.

Amex Offers are the American Express variant of card-linked offers, similar to Citi Merchant Offers, BankAmeriDeals, and Chase Offers. These are deals that you can load to your card that offer cash back or additional points when you use your card to make purchases at select merchants. Amex Offers are available on all American Express cards, and even some pre-paid Amex cards like Bluebird.

I find Amex Offers to be one of the most usable, yet underrated perks of American Express cards. Even casual users of Amex offers can find significant savings through the program. On one of my cards, I’ve saved well over $1,000 in the last few years. And this savings is on things that I would have bought anyway.

Here’s what you need to know about Amex Offers.

Amex offers are usable for things you buy anyway

Most card-linked offers are for specialty merchants where I would not otherwise shop. No, I’m not likely to use the Gem Shopping Network, even if you’re giving me a 20% discount. Sorry, Amex. But I regularly find discounts to places I shop anyway that are useful and save me money.

American Express Offer for Park 'n Fly airport parking. Spend $100 or more in one or more purchases and get $20 back.
An offer for my preferred airport parking location

An example of a usable offer that I found today was a $20 cash back offer for Park ‘N Fly.

Park ‘N Fly is my preferred vendor for airport parking at my home airport. They aren’t the cheapest airport parking available and they aren’t nearly as convenient as parking in the airport ramp. But they represent a good balance of price and convenience. And their service is consistent. About every six months or so, I get some variant of the following Amex Offer in my inbox.

Because this is money that I would spend anyway, adding this Amex Offer to my card is as good as putting $20 in my pocket.

Recent interesting Amex offers

Every month, I go through my Amex offers to see if there’s anything interesting to me on my cards. Here are a few offers I’ve found that were interesting to me. You may or may not be targeted for similar offers, but this can give you an idea of some of the offers you might find with Amex Offers.

U.S. Supermarkets: Get 5% back as a statement credit on purchases made using your enrolled eligible Card in-store or online at a U.S. Supermarket by 9/13/2024. Limit of $15 back in total statement credits. This was targeted on my Blue Cash Preferred card, which means I can get a total of 11% back on my upcoming grocery store purchases.

Hilton: Spend $180 or more, get $40 back. This one is marked as a Platinum Card® 40th anniversary promotion, so it’s probably only available on the Platinum Card.

JetBlue: Spend $200 or more, get $50 back. That’s up to a 25% rebate on your JetBlue flight.

Delta: Spend $180 or more on Delta flights via Amex Travel only, get $40 back. If you fly Delta, this probably means it makes sense to book at least one flight through Amex travel.

Hertz: Spend $150 or more, get $40 back. A good deal if you use Hertz to rent cars. This will only work if you book and pay for your rental car through Hertz. Be aware that the Platinum Card®, which this offer is targeted on, doesn’t include primary car rental collision/theft insurance.

Newegg: Get 2% back on purchases, up to a total of $250. Newegg sells a variety of consumer electronics and gift cards. Combine with portal cash back to get a good deal. Be sure to watch out for third-party sellers on Newegg—the platform is rife with unscrupulous sellers selling counterfeit goods these days.

Allen Edmonds: Spend $250 or more, get $50 back. I remember that the gift card resellers wanted Allen Edmonds gift cards a while back. This offer might make that deal profitable.

Dell: Spend $250 or more, get $50 back. Probably interesting to those reselling or making purchases at anyway. This was targeted across several of my cards.

Expedia: 10% back, up to a total of $125 on prepaid hotel purchases. If you’re not loyal to a particular hotel chain, or if you need to stay with a hotel that isn’t your preferred brand, this could save you some money you’re planning on working anyway.

Turo: Spend $150 get $30 back. Turo can be a great way to rent a unique (or cheaper) car. Keep in mind that Turo is not covered under your credit card auto rental insurance.

SeatGeek: Spend $250 or more, get $50 back. If you’re buying event tickets through seat geek, you can take advantage of this offer. I know several readers who do ticket resale. This can make that side hustle more profitable.

MGM+ Streaming: Spend $18.99 or more, get $6 back. If you subscribe to MGM+ streaming anyway, this can be a nice rebate on your purchase.

Where to find Amex Offers

On the Amex website, go to your card Home page. Either click “Home” at the top of the page or click into your card from the overview page.

Scroll down past your recent transactions and you’ll see a panel for “Amex Offers & Benefits.” Likely, you’ll have more offers available than are originally displayed, so click on “View All” to expand the list to see all of your offers.

Amex Offers are specific to your card, so if you hold multiple American Express cards, navigate to your other cards in the portal to see the Amex offers available on your cards.

In the mobile app, access Amex offers through the Offers tab in the main navigation of the app. Just click on the plus beside an offer to add it to your card.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to change which card you have selected if you want to add Amex Offers to multiple cards. To change your card, click on “Home” and then tap on the image of your credit card to get the list. Then go back to the Offers page to add offers to your other cards.

Adding an Amex Offer to your cards

Adding an Amex offer to your card is simple. Just click “Add to Card.” The panel containing the offer will expand, showing you the terms and conditions and confirming that your offer has been added to your card.

Amex Offer quirks

Like any bank program, Amex offers has its share of quirks. Here are the few that you need to know about.

Some Amex Offers have limited enrollment

American Express and its partners limit the number of cards that can be enrolled in a given Amex offer. So if you think that you might use a particular offer, it’s best to add it to your card right away. Other than cluttering up the list of offers you’ve added to your card, there is no downside. Adding offers doesn’t cost anything. And there’s no penalty for not using an offer.

You can only add an Amex offer to one card

While you might see the same Amex offer across multiple cards, you can only use a given Amex Offer on one card. Once you add the offer to one card, it will disappear for the others. This is in contrast to other programs like Citi Merchant Offers, BankAmeriDeals, and Chase Offers that allow you to add the same offer to multiple cards if you are targeted.

If you see an offer you are likely to use, consider your card’s category bonuses and benefits and add it to the card that is most rewarding at that merchant. Here are a few examples of how I’ve optimized my Amex offers:

  • I add Delta offers to my Delta SkyMiles Platinum credit card that earns 3 Delta SkyMiles per dollar on Delta purchases
  • Hotel offers get added to my Delta SkyMiles Platinum Card, Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant card, or my Hilton Honors credit card, depending on which chain because I earn the most on hotel stays with these cards.
  • Before I closed it, I added Dell offers to my SimplyCash Plus card, which got 5% cash back on office technology purchases.
  • Best Buy offers get added to my Blue Cash Preferred to take advantage of that card’s extended warranty benefit.

Note that not every offer you are targeted for will display on all cards.

You can only be targeted for 100 offers at a time

One quirk of Amex Offers is that the website only displays a maximum of 100 offers available to add to your card. Once you are targeted for 100 offers, you won’t be targeted for any more offers. This can mean missing out on useful offers simply because your offer list is full.

Interestingly, you can have more than 100 offers added to your card. Adding offers to your cards and keeping your available offers under 100 will ensure that you can continue to be targeted for new offers.

Go through and add your new offers periodically to stay under 100 targeted offers. At the beginning of each month, I log into my Amex account and add all of the offers that I’m pretty sure that I won’t use to my Amex Platinum card. Because I keep my American Express Platinum card primarily for its benefits, adding offers to this card won’t clog up my “Added to Card” list on a card that I’m using.

Some Amex offers can be used multiple times.

Some Amex Offers offer a discount for multiple trips to the same merchant. The Kona Grill offer on the right, for example, can be used up to four times. Which is great because Kona Grill is a restaurant that I’ll almost certainly go to within next few months.

If you have large transactions, you can split them. Looking at the above example, if you’re dining at Kona Grill and the bill is going to be $110, you can get $20 out of this Amex offer. Just ask the server to split the check two ways and run your card twice. Most servers will be happy to do this. And if they ask why, just tell them it’s for a credit card promotion.

Bottom line

If you have an American Express card, chances are that Amex Offers can save you a bit of cash on purchases you make anyway.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add an Amex offer to more than one card?

Some Amex offers will be shown for more than one card, but once you add the offer to one card, it will disappear on the other cards. Amex does not support adding targeted Amex offers to more than one card, so it’s a good idea to look through all of your cards and add the offer to the card that offers the most rewards or benefits for that particular purchase.

Is there a limit to the number of Amex offers I can load on my card?

There’s not a limit to the number of Amex offers that you can load on your card. However, there is a limit to the number of available offers you can have on any given card. Once your available offers list reaches 100, you won’t be targeted for any additional Amex offers. If you want to make sure you’re getting all of the offers that are available to you, simply add offers to your card to get the number of available offers under 100.

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