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BankAmeriDeals: Card-linked offers for Bank of America credit cards

Card-linked offers can be a great way to get an extra cash back on things you buy anyway. Bank of America brands its card-linked offers as BankAmeriDeals. You can easily add these card-linked offers to your account online.

Tile display showing available BankAmeriDeals
BankAmeriDeals are available on many Bank of America credit cards

BankAmeriDeals are available to Bank of America credit card holders and can provide a useful rebate on things you buy anyway. My accounts are usually targeted for dozens of these offers every month and I’ve found some useful deals. Here are some of the offers that I have found and used with my Bank of America cards:

  • 5% back at Holiday gas stations
  • $8 cash back on an AARP membership (An AARP membership can sometimes provide excellent discounts on rental cars.)
  • 10% back on Lyft
  • 5% back at Seat Geek

How to find your BankAmeriDeals

BankAmeriDeals can be found on your account online.

To find and enroll in your targeted BankAmeriDeals, go to and sign in to your account. If you hold an eligible Bank of America credit card, you’ll see the Activity Center on the right hand side of your screen. Click on “Special Offers & Deals”

The panel will expand to show you offers on banking products from Bank of America. Below these, you’ll see featured BankAmeriDeals. Scroll down and click “View all of your deals” to bring up all available BankAmeriDeals.

If you are already logged in to the Bank of America website, you can go directly to the BankAmeriDeals page.

From that page, you will be able to select any of your credit card accounts and see the offers that are available for your cards. Clicking on an offer adds it to your card and brings up the offer details. Offers that are already added to your card will have a green checkmark by them and show up if you click on “Added” at the top of the page.

Which credit cards earn BankAmeriDeals

If you hold a Bank of America credit card, you can enroll in BankAmeriDeals. But Bank of America excludes some types of accounts from the program. Here are the cards that are not eligible to participate in the program:

  • ATM-only cards
  • Credit Purchasing Cards (P-Cards)
  • Travel/Corporate Cards
  • Fleet Cards
  • Prepaid Payroll & Incentive Cards
  • Cards linked to HSA/FSA Health Reimbursement/Flexible Spending accounts
  • HELOC – Home Equity Line of Credit accounts
  • Merrill Lynch CMA deferred debit cards
  • AA credit cards.

Other things to know about BankAmeriDeals

You might be able to add the same offer to multiple cards. I believe that BankAmeriDeals uses the same back-end as Chase Offers. In theory, if you are targeted for the same deal on multiple cards, you should be able to add the same deal to multiple cards. Currently, I only hold one Bank of America credit card, so I can’t test this out.

BankAmeriDeals offer for Holiday stores offering 5% cash back
BankAmeriDeals offer for Holiday stores offering 5% cash back

BankAmeriDeals stack with your normal rewards. When you use BankAmeriDeals, you’ll earn cash back rewards in addition to the rewards or points you normally earn with your card. The amount of cash back you earn from these targeted offers is not increased by having Bank of America Preferred Rewards status.

All BankAmeriDeals have spending limits. Every BankAmeriDeal offer carries some sort of spending limit. Most of the deals that offer a flat amount of cash back require you to make a single purchase and are limited to one-time use only. If a deal offers a percent cash back, the total amount of cash back you can earn is usually limited. If you are planning to take advantage of a deal on a large purchase, check the offer details on your offers.

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