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Citi merchant offers: Extra cash back for using your Citi credit card

Citi Merchant Offers can give you extra cash back on things that you buy anyway. If you hold a Citi credit card, you can find these deals and add them to your card online. Many Citi cardholders will find themselves targeted for hundreds of deals. Sometimes these deals offer 20% or 30% cash back merchant partners.

Panel view of Citi Merchant Offers available for enrollment.
Citi Merchant offers can get you additional cash back.

Anecdotally, it seems that Citi Merchant offers include more specialty retailers and dining offers than Chase Offers, BankAmeriDeals, or Amex Offers. But if you shop at these places, the deals are generally pretty good. Unfortunately, Citi’s deals don’t match up with my natural spending patters. But I have been able to find a few useful deals through Citi Merchant Offers:

  • Earn $15 back on a purchase of $150 or more at Best Buy
  • 3% back on purchases at Land’s End

How to find your Citi Merchant Offers

The Citi Merchant offers page can be hard to find through Citi’s website. Fortunately, you go to the offers on the Citi website directly.

Here’s how you access the Citi Merchant offers on the Citi website. Go to the “Rewards & Offers” menu at the top of the page and click on “Offers for You.”

On that page, select one of your cards from the dropdown at the top of the page. Scroll down and you’ll see a panel like the one displayed below. Click on “See My Offers” to bring up your Citi Merchant Offers.

From that page, you can select any of your credit card accounts and see the offers that are available to you. Click the “See Details” button to bring up the offer details and add the offer to your card. Merchant offers are displayed by category. You’ll need to click “Show More Offers” by each category title to see all of the offers available to you.

What kinds of offers can you expect from Citi Offers?

Citi Merchant Offers usually feature specialty retailers. If you are shopping at a national specialty retailer, there’s a fair chance that you might be able to find someone. When I checked my account while writing this article, there were over 200 merchants with current Citi Merchant Offers available. Here were a few that stood out as particularly useful

  • 10% back on Circle K purchases
  • 5% back on Lyfy purchasesd
  • 5% back on Exxon Mobil purchases
  • $10 back on a purchase of $50 or more at PetSmart
  • 15% back on DisneyPlus
  • 2% back at Newegg

Other things to know about Citi Merchant Offers

You can add the same offer to multiple cards. Most of the offers I have used on my Citi cards have been targeted on several of my credit cards. If you hold multiple Citi card and are targeted for the same offer on multiple credit cards, you can add the offer to each credit card that is targeted and use it

Cash back from merchant offers is awarded as a statement credit. This means that you’ll earn the cash back from Citi Merchant Offers in addition to the cash back you normally earn from your card. If you hold a Citi card that limits the total rewards you can earn, such as the Citi Dividend card, the cash back you earn from your offer will not count toward your annual cash back limits.

Excerpt from account activity showing that I received a $15 Citi Merchant Offer bonus from a Best Buy promotion twice.
I used a $15 cask back deal at Best Buy twice.

Some offers can be redeemed multiple times. Last Christmas, I was targeted for a Best Buy offer: Earn $15 cash back on a purchase of $150 or more. According to the terms and conditions of this offer, it could be used twice. I ended up making two purchases at Best Buy during the holidays and got two $15 statement credits.

Deals with a fixed dollar amount usually require a minimum purchase. Every deal I saw that offered a fixed amount ($10, $30, $50, etc) of cash back required a minimum purchase. Check the terms on these deals if you are planning on using one. If you find that your purchase is just below the threshold to trigger the bonus, often adding a small gift card purchase to your card will trigger the bonus.

Some deals offer unlimited rewards. A Sam’s Club deal that I was targeted for could be used up to five times, but did not include a dollar limit on purchases. I was targeted for an offer for 7% cash back. The terms of that offer do not mention a limit. Offers featuring a single-digit percent additional cash back tend to be the ones that offer unlimited rewards.

Frequently asked questions

How do Citi merchant offers work?

Simply log into your eligible Citi account online, add an offer to your card, and make a purchase within promotional period. Your statement credits from your eligible purchases will appear within a few days of making an eligible purchase.

What are merchant offers?

Citi’s Merchant Offers give you a statement credit rebate on purchases made through partner merchants. The merchants offering Citi Merchant Offers typically are boutique, speciality retailers. Citi Merchant offers typically are between 5% and 30% of your purchase and usually have limits on either total amount you can earn or the number of purchases you can make.