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Home » Refer your friends to Chase cards: Get your friends a welcome bonus and earn points for yourself.

Refer your friends to Chase cards: Get your friends a welcome bonus and earn points for yourself.

Blogs like Cards and Points pay the bills through our credit card affiliate links, but if you are a Chase cardholder, you can earn a few more points or cash back when your friends get new credit cards. Through Chase’s refer-a-friend program, you can earn cash back or points when your friends apply and are approved for new Chase credit cards.

Chase referral links are easy to generate and are a great perk for Chase cardholders. If you’re not a Chase cardholder and want to, check out our current best Chase Ultimate Rewards welcome bonuses which, of course, contains our referral links. 🙂

Chase Refer-A-Friend screenshot, showing the form requesting last name, zip code, and last 4 digits of your card

Here’s everything you need to know about how Chase refer-a-friend links work.

How to generate a Chase referral link

To generate your own Chase referral link, go to the Chase referral site at Enter your name, billing address zip code, and last four digits of your card in the form and you’ll get your referral link, which you can send to your friends.

The link that gets generated will show cards in the same card family. If you hold a Chase Freedom Flex card, for example, your referral link will show welcome offers for the Chase Freedom Unlimited and Slate Edge cards, in addition to the Freedom Flex. The same is true for

One quirk of the Refer Your Chase Card site is that you can’t simply go to the site and generate referral links for all of your cards. If you try to create a referral link for a second card, you’ll get an error message saying that the site is already open. To resolve this message, simply close your browser window and start your browsing session again.

If you’re worried about sharing personal information by sending your link to a friend, don’t be. In most cases, the link doesn’t even display your name on the landing page that shows when you click through.

Chase Refer a Friend referral link generation screen.

Once you’ve generated your referral link, you can send your link to friends and start earning rewards for new cardmember sign-ups.

Get all your referral links in one place

Recently, Doctor of Credit published a link that allows you to view all of your Chase referral links in once place. Here it is. You mused be logged into your Chase account for this link to take you directly to your referral links.

You won’t be able to see how much you’ve earned from your referral links on this page, but this is by far the most convenient way to get all of your referral links in once place.

Periodically refresh your referral links

When Chase changes its promotions, your referral links will still function, but the people you refer will see a message that the offer you sent is not available.

They will be redirected to a page with the current offer, but this might be confusing to some people.

If you’re going to refer a friend to Chase, it is a good practice to follow the referral link to check to make sure that the link doesn’t display this popup. If it does, simply go to and re-generate the link.

Tracking your referral link rewards

Wondering how much money you’ve earned by referring your friends to Chase cards? Well, you can see how many referral bonuses you’ve earned by clicking on “Rewards Tracker” when you generate your referral link.

The rewards tracker link will scroll down further on the page and show you a progress bar that displays your referral earnings for the year. You won’t be able to see the status of each of your friends’ credit card applications. But once a friend that you refer has applied and is approved, the referral tracker should update shortly.

Note that the amount you can earn from your referrals is capped per card account. This cap resets at the beginning of the calendar year.

Which cards qualify for Chase referral links

Not all Chase cards offer a referral program. Amazon cards, for instance, cannot generate referral links. Here’s a list of cards that are known to work with Chase’s referral program:

  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Freedom Flex
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited®
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • IHG Rewards Traveler
  • IHG Rewards Premier
  • Ink Business Cash
  • Ink Business Unlimited
  • Ink Business Preferred
  • Marriott Bonvoy Boundless
  • Marriott Bonvoy Bold
  • Marriott Bonvoy Bountiful
  • World of Hyatt Credit Card

Frequently asked questions

How many miles/points can I earn from referring Chase cards?

This amount varies by card and changes from time to time. For example, you can currently $50 for each Chase Freedom referral, up to $500 or 40,000 points annually for each Chase Ink referral, up to 200,000 points each year.

Do Chase referral links expire?

Chase referral links do not expire, but when Chase changes its credit card promotions, the person clicking through on your referral link will see a “this offer is no longer available” message.

Do Chase referral links always have the best offer?

Chase markets cards through many different channels, and sometimes referral links show new cardmember offers that are less than you could get elsewhere. Be sure to visit our best Ultimate Rewards welcome bonuses page to see the best offers available on Chase cards.

Can I apply to a referral link offer and then get matched to a better offer?

Chase will usually match your new cardmember bonus offer to the best public offer if you contact them and ask within about a month of applying for a card.